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Roosevelt Elementary School en Bellingham

Roosevelt Elementary School

Roosevelt Elementary School, located at 2900 Yew St, Bellingham, WA 98226, United States, is a trusted educational institution in the heart of Bellingham. With a commitment to excellence, this elementary school provides a nurturing and inclusive environment for its students.

At Roosevelt Elementary School, they offer a wide range of services to cater to the diverse needs of their students and their families. As a public school, Roosevelt Elementary School is dedicated to providing quality education to all children in the community.

One of the key services offered by Roosevelt Elementary School is their Kindergarten program. With a focus on early childhood development, this program aims to provide a solid foundation for young learners. Through engaging activities and a supportive learning environment, the Kindergarten program at Roosevelt Elementary School helps children develop essential skills and a love for learning.

Another important service provided by Roosevelt Elementary School is their Community Health Center. This on-site health center offers a range of medical services to ensure the well-being of students and their families. With a team of qualified healthcare professionals, Roosevelt Elementary School strives to promote overall wellness and address any health concerns that may arise.

Roosevelt Elementary School is also proud to be an inclusive institution, providing access for students with disabilities. The school is equipped with facilities that are wheelchair accessible, ensuring that every student can fully participate in all aspects of school life. Additionally, there is adapted parking available for individuals with mobility challenges.

With a stellar rating of 4.9 out of 5, as evaluated by 14 satisfied customers, Roosevelt Elementary School has established itself as a trusted and highly regarded educational institution in the community. The dedication of the staff and the commitment to providing quality education are just a few of the reasons why Roosevelt Elementary School has earned such high praise.

If you are looking for an exceptional educational experience for your child, look no further than Roosevelt Elementary School. Visit their website at to learn more about their programs and to get in touch with their friendly team. Give your child the gift of a quality education and a bright future by choosing Roosevelt Elementary School.

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Actividad Escuela primaria
Dirección Roosevelt Elementary School, 2900 Yew St, Bellingham, WA 98226, Estados Unidos, , Bellingham, Washington
Teléfono +1 360-676-6440
Reviews Nota: 4.9 (Nº de reviews: 14)*Datos de Perfil de Empresa de Google
Página web
Especialidades Escuela primaria, Centro de salud comunitario, Jardin de infancia, Colegio publico
Otra información relevante Acceso para sillas de ruedas, Aparcamiento adaptado para sillas de ruedas
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Llamar: +1 360-676-6440
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Horario de Roosevelt Elementary School

lunes: Cerrado
martes: 8:00-14:30
miercoles: 8:00-14:30
jueves: 8:00-14:30
viernes: 8:00-14:30
sabado: Cerrado
domingo: Cerrado

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